Maxim Stepanov: Odessa region has repaired 443 km of roads in 2 years, plans are another 800 km

29 November 2018, 12:40
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In Odesa region 443 km of roads of state and local importance were repaired within two years, plans for 2019-2021 - about 800 km. This was announced by the chairman of the regional state administration Maksym Stepanov during the meeting of the Regional Development Council of the Odessa region.

"I know for sure - road construction immediately gives life to the whole region. In 2019-2021, we are ready to repair about 800 km if funding is available. Of these, 635 km are of national significance, and 175 km are local. We have already prepared 95 projects ", - said Maxim Stepanov.

He underlined that the result in 443 km was achieved, including at the expense of a customs experiment, due to which the reconstruction of the roads of the oblast over the past two years was directed to 3.1 billion UAH.

Speaking about plans for the future, the head of the region called the priority roads of the resort and tourist destinations, state highways and those that combine the villages. The development of roads, according to the head of the region, causes a chain reaction - the creation of small business, mini-hotels, new jobs, and infrastructure.

The most significant projects, in particular, are the road from Vinnytsya to Odessa, Tarutinu-Artsiz-Sarat, Odessa-Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky-Monashi, Odessa-Voznesensk-Novy Buh.

Opening the meeting of the Regional Development Council, Maxim Stepanov stressed that people are keen to see reforms in the form of very specific things, such as: high wages, high-quality roads, renovated schools and kindergartens, modern equipment in medical institutions.

"It is these people who measure the effectiveness of the state. The best measure of "victory" will be for us all when returning to Ukraine those who went to live and work in Poland, Slovakia, Germany or other countries will return. And we are already beginning to create conditions for this ", - said the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov.

He noted that the strategic vision of the development of each oblast is a general strategy implemented by President Poroshenko throughout the country.

It should be noted that earlier the head of the Odessa region proposed to introduce strategic planning of road repairs, as well as to establish a transparent mechanism for the distribution of funds at the legislative level.

Recall that in November the meeting of the Regional Development Council took place in Kyiv with the participation of the country's leaders in discussing global infrastructure projects and development plans of Ukraine.

President Petro Poroshenko instructed regional leaders to develop plans for the future development of territories for 2019-2021, discuss and adopt them at the community level.