Maksym Kutsyi has held a staff meeting regarding the rescue operation of the «Delphi» tanker

22 November 2019, 10:39
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A meeting of the operational headquarters on the critical situation with the "Delphi" tanker near the coast of Odesa was held. The head of the Odesa regional administration has ordered to provide prompt information on the current situation and to coordinate the efforts of all services.

At the moment, the rescue operation is ongoing. Following the report of the border guards, port officers, rescuers and doctors, it is currently known:

There are three crew members on board. All citizens of Ukraine.

- There is no cargo on board of the tanker, which would threaten the environmental situation of the region.

- The tanker has run out of fuel, there are problems with electricity.

- According to preliminary data, the ship stern was stranded. The drift paused.

- The crew refuses to signal the SOS and evacuate from the ship. They are awaiting permission from the shipowner and refusing any assistance.

- It is impossible to deal with the shipowner. In fact, this ship is gray, with no registration required. According to the captain of the Odesa port, the shipowner forbids seafarers to evacuate.

- Rescue vessels cannot approach due to difficult weather conditions.

Staff members are currently agreeing on an algorithm to evacuate the crew with air and water assistance.