Maksym Kutsyi appointed two deputies

26 November 2019, 09:31
Maksym Kutsyi appointed two deputies

Two deputies have been appointed as a head of the Odesa Regional State Administration. Vyacheslav Ovechkin became the first deputy chairman of the Odesa Regional State Administration. Denys Vanash was also appointed as a deputy.

Vyacheslav Ovechkin has extensive experience in the legal support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development projects related to infrastructure development in Ukraine. Vyacheslav also worked with the International Finance Corporation, the Black Sea Bank for Reconstruction and Development, ING Bank N.V., UniCredit Bank AG and Deutsche Bank AG to finance Ukrainian business.

Denys Vanash specializes in issues of local self-government, public administration, land and construction relations. His specialization is the support of real estate projects, the protection of capital investments and the legal features of local government. Previously, Denys worked as an advisor to the Kyiv City State Administration and was the founder of a law firm.

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