Maksym Kutsyi instructed the chairmen of united territorial communities and RDA to rectify the situation with the level of salaries and official registration of employees

18 February 2020, 15:39
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The head of the Odesa regional state administration Maksym Kutsyi gave the order to the heads of the united territorial communities and district state administrations. Cities have to remedy the situation with the level of wages, the number of officially registered workers and social insurance.

Currently, the average monthly salary in the Odesa region is 9 246 UAH. This is 88.1% of the average monthly salary in Ukraine.

The highest wages are observed in Lymansk (11 112), Bilyayivka (7 791), Balta (7 166), Mykolaiv (7040), as well as in Krasnosilsk (9 356), Shabov (8 892), Avangard (8 569), Rozkvitskaya ( 7 892) and Yaskivskaya (7 530) united territorial communities.

The lowest salaries in Artsyz (5,718), Kiliya (6,072), Kodyma (6,1 203), Tarutinsk (6,082), Tatarbunary (5,816) districts, as well as in Mayakivska (5,912), Kiliya (5,890), Starokozacka (5,867), Vilkovo (5,817), and Tsebrykivska (5,667) united territorial communities.

The lowest wages are observed in the following industries:

  • Wholesale and retail trade - 5 294 UAH. At the same time, the average wage offer at the trade facilities of the region ranges from 6 300-7 500 UAH. And in urban areas - up to 8 000-9 500 UAH.
  • agriculture - 5 705 UAH;
  • construction - 6 200 UAH.
  • In addition, it became known that during 2019 the number of socially insured persons increased by 15 thousand. However, the monthly payroll fund does not change significantly. And deductions from the Personal Income Tax (PIT) increase only by raising the minimum wage.

    The head of the Odesa RSA Maksym Kutsyi stressed that such a situation is unacceptable. First and foremost, the heads of the RGA and the united territorial communities should focus on the level of wages and carry out audits at enterprises where it is below the minimum or significantly different from the average.

    “I request a week later to provide information on the true level of wages. I propose to involve in tax audits, law enforcement - all competent authorities. I urge Artsyz, Kiliya, Kodyma and other districts to develop measures that can be taken to remove salaries from the shadows, ”Maksym Kutsyi instructed.