Maksym Kutsyi reports on land reform at the extraordinary session of the Odesa Regional Council

27 November 2019, 09:32
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The head of the Odesa Regional State Administration reported on land reform at an extraordinary session of the regional council. Maksym Kutsyi said that the farmers of Odesa Oblast should be able to dispose of their land freely, the local communities will receive additional revenues from their budget, and the shadow schemes will remain in the past.

Deputies of past convocations present opposed the reform.

The old moratorium is no longer in effect. It only creates favorable conditions for the development of shadow schemes. No one is going to sell the land to foreigners. Land reform is not a market. This is the transfer of state land to the community, the development of the village, jobs, improvement of territories », – said Maksym Kutsyi.

Creating a new system with clear and simple rules is the task of today. Thanks to the legislative mechanism, the state will move to transparent and fair relations at all levels and the reform will be successful.