The governor of the RSA handed over the car keys to the Sergiyev fire and rescue unit

24 February 2020, 10:16
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The head of the Odesa regional state administration Maksym Kutsyi handed over the car keys to the Sergiyev fire and rescue unit.

The rescue vehicle is equipped with modern equipment that will not only extinguish fires. Rescuers will be able to disassemble the structures of the wrecked vehicles and remove the victims from inaccessible places.

Also, the tanker truck on the chassis of the off-road vehicle is provided with more fire extinguishing agents in the form of water and foam. It has a more powerful pump and a stand-alone lighting system when working in the dark.

“Our rescuers from the village of Sergiyivka received new fire equipment. He had the honor of handing the firefighters the keys to the new car. Because this level of technology allows for complex operations to evacuate people and extinguish fires.

This is extremely important for Sergiyivka resort. In addition, there are artillery depots in the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky district, so people's safety is a top priority, ”Maksym Kutsyi said.

The head of the RSA also thanked the rescuers for their dedicated work and wished that situations for the use of such equipment were minimized.