Denys Musiienko, Chief of Staff of the Odesa Regional State Administration, visited Izmail and Bolgrad districts

29 May 2020, 16:48
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A meeting chaired by Denis Musienko, Chief of Staff of the Odesa Regional State Administration, was held at the Danube Regional Hospital. The main topic was the optimization of the hospital through the transition to a new stage of medical reform.

The renovation of the institution will also affect the reorganization of branches. However, as Denys Musiienko noted, all doctors will remain at work.

"A new place will be found for all medical workers according to the position. People will continue to work in the medical field, "said Denys Musiienko.

In addition, the head of the staff together with the adviser to the head of the regional state administration Oleksii Zlenskyi checked the reconstruction of the kindergarten in Izmail and noted that the builders are performing the work according to the schedule.

Also Denys Musiienko, so-called at. Director of the Department of Health Nataliia Odarii-Zakharieva, Deputy Director of the Southern Interregional Department of the National Health Service of Ukraine Dmytro Samofalov, Chief Physician of the Odesa Regional Center for Socially Significant Diseases Svitlana Yesypenko, Advisers to the Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Oleksandr Kurmyshov and Oleksii Zlenskyi

They discussed with the head of the Bolgrad District State Administration Andriy Kuchmiyov the strengthening of quarantine measures in case of deterioration of the epidemic situation in the district, as well as the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection outside the village of Dmytrivka.

The work of the infectious diseases department of the local central district hospital was inspected. The management of the institution is recommended to install a disinfection frame at the entrance to the infectious diseases department for the treatment of medical staff and patients.

In addition, the delegation provided personal protective equipment to the district's medical staff.