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16 March 2020, 09:34
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When does Ukraine close its borders for entry?

March 16, 2020 from 00 hours 00 minutes to 00 hours 00 minutes April 3 (the night of April 2 to 3) stops entry to the territory of Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons.

The entry ban may be lifted or extended depending on the situation of the coronavirus spread in the world.

➖Will citizens of Ukraine be allowed to enter the country during the entry ban period?

Yes, all citizens of Ukraine have the right to cross the state border to return to the territory of Ukraine.

➖The ban only applies to entry or exit from Ukraine?

As of now, Ukraine has not set travel restrictions. However, another country to which the citizen travels may have entry restrictions.

Online information on measures taken by foreign countries to counteract the spread of COVID-19 can be found on the Foreign Ministry's website.

➖Who will not be able to get to Ukraine?

Foreign nationals or stateless persons who are not entitled to permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine.

➖ Will foreigners eligible for permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine be able to enter Ukraine?

Foreigners who are entitled to permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine may enter the territory of Ukraine as well as citizens of Ukraine.

➖Who else can enter Ukraine?

Entrance is also allowed for people who are spouses or children of Ukrainian citizens, employees of foreign diplomatic missions and consular posts accredited in Ukraine, representations of official international missions, organizations accredited in Ukraine, and members of their families, drivers and service personnel means, crew members.

Exceptions are also provided for certain groups of foreigners. The decision on their admission will be made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. For example, if doctors or other specialists need to come to Ukraine.

➖What should Ukrainians who are abroad on vacation, on short-term business trips or for any other purpose expecting to return home in the next 2 weeks?

Try to find a way to get back to Ukraine by 0:00 on the night of March 16-17.

If you are unable to do so, register with the FRIEND. It is a special system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, in which you enter your data and inform the Foreign Ministry and all foreign diplomatic institutions about your stay in a certain country. For example, lists for returning citizens of Ukraine in case of urgent need during the period of restrictions will be formed, in particular, using the data of this system.

Contact the embassy or consulate in your country of residence by calling the hotline on the official website, e-mail, or their social media pages.

Sometimes, because of too many users, the system may "hang up" and the hotlines are too hot. We apologize and ask that you understand these situations with understanding.

➖How much does it cost to call the MFA of Ukraine from abroad?

By agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Ukrainian mobile operators, calls from mobile phones in roaming to the MFA hotline are free of charge.

How to return to Ukraine citizens who are abroad?

Ukraine temporarily closes the international scheduled passenger service from 17 March 00:00 Kiev time to 3 April. In addition, the border crossing points of Ukraine for rail and bus will be closed at this time.

All citizens of Ukraine and foreigners who are entitled to permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine are abroad on a short-term business trip, vacation, vacation, and are encouraged to return to Ukraine by March 17.

For all those who do not have time to do this for objective reasons (inability to buy tickets for flights, good personal circumstances, etc.), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine recommends to contact the Ukrainian Consulates.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will make every effort to help those who need to return to Ukraine urgently before the end of the restriction period to return home. Current information will be provided on a regular basis through all official communication channels as well as through foreign diplomatic institutions.

➖How will the checkpoints work?

According to the Government's decision, 123 checkpoints continue to operate. 107 checkpoints are shutting down until April 3.

The full list of closed checkpoints, as well as checkpoints where pedestrian traffic is suspended, can be found on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

➖ Should people entering Ukraine pass additional examinations or comply with other safety rules?

At the border crossing points there are specially established sanitary departments. Upon returning from countries where, according to WHO, adverse co-occurrence due to the spread of the coronavirus, at the checkpoints, all citizens will undergo temperature screening and appropriate measures will be taken - the person will be sent for self-isolation at home for 14 days, if necessary.

➖Will foreigners who operate trucks, transit vehicles, members of the crew of ships be able to enter Ukraine?

Crews of ships, cars, planes will be able to enter the territory of Ukraine, but must undergo additional examinations.

➖ What should you do if you are abroad and unable to contact the consulate because of a hotline congestion?

Go to the Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine in your home country. It will provide you with an email address and links to social media pages. You can write your address to this address or in the message of these pages. Even on weekends, in the evening or at night. A special order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was issued for the round-the-clock response in the conditions of special mode of operation. Although with the queue, but the hotline also continues to work: +38 (044) 238-16-57.

We apologize if we cannot respond to you immediately or if our capabilities do not meet your expectations. But we assure you that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is doing everything in our power to provide you with the assistance you need.

➖ Does foreign diplomats operate?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in the conditions of rapid spread of coronavirus infection worldwide announces that foreign diplomatic establishments temporarily, for one week, switch to a special regime, which provides for a remote form of work with citizens 'appeals and enhanced processing of citizens' requests.

A special form of work implies that diplomatic institutions abroad will continue to carry out their functions remotely, except in cases of force majeure, where immediate consular actions and functions, especially those related to a pandemic, are required.

Foreign Diplomatic Institutions (ZDUs) will process clearance applications during this period:

ID cards for return to Ukraine in case of need to return to Ukraine next week;

the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by birth of children born in the country of residence and in connection with the issue of their identity card to return to Ukraine in case of real need to return to Ukraine immediately;

visas to enter Ukraine to secure Ukraine's interests in foreign and domestic policy, as well as in cases of a humanitarian nature at the discretion of the Head of the ZSU.

The special regime, which provides for remote contact with citizens 'requests and enhanced processing of citizens' requests, will continue from Sunday, March 15, until Friday, March 20, 2020.

➖Which appeals will not be processed temporarily due to an emergency?

Appeals from citizens to consular institutions that will not be temporarily processed due to an emergency:

registration of passports of the citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad; identity cards for return to Ukraine, with the exception of loss / absence of passport documents, real need for a citizen to return to Ukraine; in other critical cases for citizens of Ukraine by decision of the head of ZSU;

admission to consular registration;

issues of notary (except for cases of force majeure, such as attestation of death documents required for transporting the deceased, statements on the departure of children, etc.), RACS, extortion, legalization of documents;

questions of citizenship, with the exception of registration of the acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine by birth to children born in the country of stay and in connection with the issue of their identity card for return to Ukraine in case of real need to return to Ukraine;

issuing visas for entry into Ukraine or transit transit through its territory, except in cases where it is necessary to secure Ukraine's interests in foreign and domestic policy, as well as in cases of a humanitarian nature, at the decision of the Head of the ZSU;

certification of official documents by the apostille and in the order of consular legalization (for representations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the territory of Ukraine);

visiting detainees / detainees etc;

field consular services.

After returning to full-time work, all requests will be processed.

➖ What should you do if you do not find the answer to your questions in the list?

Contact the diplomatic office in your country, the MFA of Ukraine hotline at +38 (044) 238-16-57 or write an e-mail to this email:

Information of the operational staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine regarding the coronavirus and the situation with Ukrainian citizens abroad:




➖How to protect yourself and your relatives?

Avoid contact with people with symptoms of SARS. With those who have cold symptoms. The minimum distance is 1.5 meters

Strengthen your immunity and monitor your well-being. Good nutrition, healthy sleep, exercise and water balance of the body

Wash your hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds or use an antiseptic with an alcohol content of at least 60-80%

Avoid touching your face. Do not touch the dirty hands of your eyes, nose or mouth

Heat the products. Do not eat raw meat, meat by-products and eggs

Disinfect surfaces and packaging.

Cancel events that involve large crowds.

Work from home whenever possible

Contact your doctor in time. If your first symptoms of SARS appear, contact your family doctor immediately❗️

More information about the coronavirus - at and on the telegram channel of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: