Yevhen Volynets: "Cross-Border Cooperation Helps Communities Involve Resources to Develop Their Territories and Learn the Best Practices of Other Countries"

20 June 2019, 12:20
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The closing meeting of the Joint Committee for the decision of the Eastern Partnership Program Ukraine-Moldova Territorial Cooperation took place in Kyiv.

During the meeting, the summing up of the program took place, the future prospects of the projects participating in the program were discussed.

The recipients presented the results of the projects and shared the experience of their implementation.

"The Odessa Regional State Administration always supports initiatives related to cross-border cooperation, because cross-border cooperation helps communities to attract resources for the development of their territories and to study the best practices of other countries", - commented the director of the Department of investment, international and interregional cooperation Eugene Volynets.

With the support of the Ukraine-Moldova program in the territory of the Odessa region, there were implemented seven cross-border projects: "Promotion of the gastronomic heritage of the River Dnipro River", "Joint opportunities in business for youth", "Development of the Ukrainian-Moldovan cross-border production and scientific and educational cluster for the processing of by-products of winemaking "," Youth in Action "," Common space for industry, creativity and culture "," Strengthening of regional opportunities for the use of environmentally friendly technologies in integrated barot systems pests with pests "," Expanding the opportunities for efficient waste management in the area of the Lower Danube Euroregion (CleanTown) ".

The meeting was attended by representatives of Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation, GIZ Ukraine (Ukrainian Representation of the German Society for International Cooperation), GIZ Moldova (Moldova Office of the German Society for International Cooperation), Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova nicks of organizations involved in the implementation of projects within the framework of the program.

It should be noted that cross-border cooperation for Ukraine, on the one hand, is an important element of the integration process, implemented through the optimal combination of opportunities and resources of the border regions of neighboring countries, on the other hand, helps to solve common problems and contributes to the socio-economic development of these regions.

It should be emphasized that the Eastern Partnership is the foreign policy initiative of the European Union, which extends to six Eastern European neighbors of the European Union - Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.