Ecologists will explore Kuyalnitsky estuary by year's end and create a plan to fill it with fresh water

27 November 2019, 16:46
Ecologists will explore Kuyalnitsky estuary by year's end and create a plan to fill it with fresh water

The implementation program for conservation and restoration of water resources in the Kuyalnya estuary basin for 2019-2023 will be implemented throughout the year.

Environmentalists will develop plans for project estimates for the restoration and maintenance of the favorable hydrological river Big Kuyalnik. The Acting Director of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources - Oleksii Povar announced this.

"As a result of the use of the 2014 hydrotechnical structure, it has been established that there is currently a tendency for the water mirror area to stabilize to an appropriate mark, but monitoring studies indicate that, along with seawater, tons of salts are added to the estuary, which accumulate in the reservoir, which adversely affects the status of the water body.

The solution to this problem requires fresh water supply.

According to scientists, the amount of fresh water required is 10-15 million cubic meters a year. Funding for these activities will generally be from state, local budgets and budgetary sources.

The activities will be aimed at clearing the river bed.

After which, we will have a justification of what volume of water should flow into the object, "- said Oleksii Povar.

For 2019, it is planned to carry out such activities as inspection, certification of hydro-technological structures, analysis of water use, filtering sources of pollution in the pool Kuyalnitsky estuary, the elimination of landfills, quarries and sand.

The Department of Ecology and Development of the Recreation Zones of the Odessa City Council and scientific research institutions will be the executors.

The purpose of the program is the environmental impact and the search for alternative ways of supplying fresh water to the Kuyalnytskyi and Khadzhibeysky estuaries. The experience of European countries will be used to overcome environmental problems.