The weather is approaching Odesa!

05 February 2020, 13:55
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The head of the Odesa regional state administration Maksym Kutsyi instructed the heads of the united territorial communities and district state administrations to check and report on the proper functioning of the equipment and supplies.

At present, all services of the Odesa region are preparing for the deterioration of weather conditions. The National Police established an operational headquarters with the participation of representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

“If necessary, we will connect farmers and rail technicians to the aftermath. He instructed the chairmen of the united territorial communities and the RSA to recheck the availability of all materials, the serviceability of all equipment and report. Services should work to prevent bad weather, "- said the head of Odesa Regional State Administration Maksym Kutsyi.

Rescuers divided the personnel into 21 first responders - 81 people and 31 vehicles. Six mobile power plants are available. 312 units of heating points have been created in the region.

There are 32 seats for transportation on the main routes of the region. On the main routes:

  • Odesa - Kiev - 10 places,
  • Bypass around Odesa - 10 places,
  • Odesa - Reni - 4 places.
  • The Roads Service prepared 285 pieces of equipment, 2,800 tons of salt, 3,500 tons of salt-sand mixture, 322 tons of irrigation.

    Representatives of Odesaoblenergo reported that as of 9:00 they had 11 breakages of power lines, 31 towns were de-energized. Crews are already working on these sites and will complete repairs by 15:00. Electricians also stressed that new breakages could be caused by freezing of the wires. To eliminate the effects of bad weather will be involved 16 teams.

    The Regional Department of Housing and communal services and energy efficiencyhas allocated 326 pieces of equipment and 1300 personnel in the brigades to combat the bad weather. According to the department director, the heating season is currently underway.