Government to raise investments for restoration of Odesa hospital of disabled veterans and war veterans - Oksana Koliyada

25 February 2020, 16:42
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Gallery item

To restore the Odesa Hospital of Invalids and War Veterans, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs will attract investment. This was announced by Minister of Veterans Affairs Oksana Koliyada during her working visit to the Odesa region. She commemorated the victims of the Odesa defenders of Ukraine and held a briefing at the regional state administration. The head of the department said that the Odesa hospital has the opportunity to become a strategic center for the treatment and rehabilitation of veterans in the south of Ukraine.

In addition, Oksana Koliyada said that a resolution would be agreed in the near future that places stringent requirements on veterans' rehabilitation centers. Also, these days the health resorts are monitored where the defenders rest. According to the head of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, Ukraine will forever get rid of cases when veterans were not provided with conditions for comfortable rest.

Currently, the ministry is setting up an E-Veteran system: a register is being formed, and data on defenders are being filled.

“We have important issues - social and professional adaptation and life support. Regarding adaptation, today most veterans are only converted to drivers. We want to make sure that our defenders not only drive cars, but also receive any other education - paramedics, programmers, entrepreneurs.

We understand that it will take many decades to provide housing for all. This time our veterans are gone. The government is focusing on apartments for the disabled and relatives of the dead. The rest, we offer preferential mortgage terms. Housing will be available both in new buildings and in the old stock. We have already received over 13,000 applications in a few days, ”said Veterans Affairs Minister Oksana Koliyada.

Deputy Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Vitalii Svichynskyi informed that during 2017-2019, 51 apartments were purchased for ATO veterans. Over 11,000 people have applied for land plots. For the maintenance of personal peasant economy in the region, 2.5 thousand plots have been allocated with a total area of almost 5 thousand hectares. For gardening - 929 sites with a total area of almost 100 hectares.

“For us, it is also an extremely important issue to erect a real monument to the ATO soldiers killed. Today, we laid flowers with you at a makeshift memorial. But all of us - both the Odesa Regional State Administration and the Odesa Regional Council - believe that our heroes in our region need a decent memorial, ”said Vitalii Svichynskyi.

Veterans Affairs Minister Oksana Koliyada assured that the agency is taking the monument under its own control.