Denys Vanash met with the public about the problems of Zatoka village

05 February 2020, 16:14
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The deputy head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Denys Vanash met with the public about the problems of Zatoka village. Issues of the resort settlement were also discussed by representatives of the prosecutor's office, law enforcement agencies, directors of departments and heads of departments of the RSA, environmentalists, lawyers and public activists.

According to the activists, the adoption of the detailed plan and scheme of the territory of the settlement of the village of Zatoka is illegal. They do not fit the master plan. In addition, the public has comments on the construction of land.

The situation is complicated by the status of the settlement. The territory of the settlement includes recreational and nature protection zones, so "the sale or transfer of land to private property is illegal here," the residents claim.

According to the activists, the lands are being transferred from communal property to private and raider seizures of recreation facilities are taking place.

Prosecutors said that several proceedings had already opened proceedings. During the meeting, the parties outlined the issues that need to be addressed first.

“The Odesa Regional State Administration is open to dialogue and will help consolidate all efforts to resolve the conflict. We see a situation where, for a long time, public authorities failed to respond properly. When there are actions that are contrary to the law and the village council does not listen to the citizens and conducts its policy. In the future, we will monitor and communicate with all parties to this situation to resolve the conflict as quickly as possible. I emphasize that we will thoroughly understand the legality of the plan for the construction of the territory and the distribution of land in the recreation area, "- said Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Denys Vanash.

The deputy head of the RSA also instructed all law enforcement agencies to provide full information on available criminal proceedings and the timing of their execution.