Artsyzskie schools received a new Ukrainian-language didactic material

01 July 2019, 16:45
Gallery item
Gallery item

In order to switch to Ukrainian-language education in the schools of the Artsyzsky District, where the languages of national minorities are taught, the Education, Youth and Sports Department of the Artsyzsky District State Administration has purchased and received various didactic materials to facilitate the transition of students to study in the Ukrainian language.

So, for the Artsyzsk NPC "GS I-III Art. № 4-letiya ", Artsyzskaya ZS of the I-III centuries. № 5, Vynohradivs'ka ZS of the I-III centuries, Glavanskaya ZS of the I-III centuries, Deleniy ZSSO of the I-III centuries, Zadunaevskaya ZS of the I-III centuries, Novoyavanivska ZS of the I-III centuries, Ostinens'ka ZS of І-ІІ st. , Kholmsyi ZH І-ІІІ Art. and Novokaplansky ZSSO I-II centuries. Ukrainian-language didactic materials on mathematics and geography were acquired, namely: sets of a class measuring instrument; trigonometric circle; stereometric sets; sets of geometric figures "Nane"; physical and political globes, model-globes "Earth's structure"; Tellurium, model "Cyclones and anticyclones"; Collections "Iron ore and products of its processing" "Minerals and rocks", "Paleontological", "Minerals", "Oil and products of its processing".

In addition, the listed schools will receive measuring instruments: speedometers, hygrometers, anemometers, compasses, demonstration thermometers, barometrs, aneroids, sets of maps of Ukraine and geographic maps of the world.