Agrarian farmers in Odesa region will benefit from a government support program

13 February 2020, 11:58
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The Cabinet of Ministers has published a program to support the agro-industrial complex for 2020. The total amount of support to farmers and agrarians is UAH 4.34 billion. The support model covers 24 destinations across six separate programs, namely:

  • cheaper loans,
  • support for the development of farms,
  • support for the development of horticulture, berry growing, viticulture and hops,
  • providing loans to farms,
  • supporting the development of the livestock industry,
  • cheaper agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • UAH 1.2 billion is foreseen for cheaper loans. It is expected that the initiative will lead to the availability of preferential credits for producers and the effective launch of the land market. The total volume of borrowings is expected at the level of UAH 16.4 billion.

    In support of the livestock industry allocated 1 billion UAH. It is projected to create over 1,700 jobs, increase meat and milk production by 0.5% and improve the quality of bee products.

    The cost of machinery and equipment is set at UAH 1 billion. It is planned to increase the sales of Ukrainian machinery by 15% and increase the amount of taxes from the program participants to UAH 2.342 billion.

    “Support for farmers and agrarians is extremely important for the economy of Odessa region. And this year's program provides good conditions for agriculture. Long-term loans for 10-20 years, cheaper loans up to 5%, additional guarantee in case of insufficient collateral - all this will help our region to effectively use its potential, "- said the head of the Department of Agrarian Policy of Odesa Regional State Administration Ivan Petriv.

    It should be noted that throughout Ukraine, 10,000 government farmers and 231,000 individuals will benefit from the government program. You can read more about the terms of the initiative in the slides.