Maksym Kutsyi congratulated the military on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the military hospital
06 December 2019, 16:11

The head of the Odesa regional state administration Maksym Kutsyi visited the soldiers in the hospital and congratulated them on a memorable date - the Armed Forces Day of Ukraine. Also, he expressed condolences to the relatives and relatives of the victims and victims of the fire.

Maksym Kutsyi involved in the elimination of the consequences of experts from the RSA
05 December 2019, 12:47

Maksym Kutsyi involved in the elimination of the consequences of experts from the Odesa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Only after checking the building for safety, rescuers will come there, but the elimination of the rubble has already begun.

In the Odesa region declared days of mourning
05 December 2019, 11:37

In the Odesa region December 5-6 will be declared days of mourning. All entertainment must be canceled.

Rescue and search work in the burned down college continues. Hotlines work
04 December 2019, 22:21

The fire is still under way, but rescuers continue to search for people. A special detachment from Kiev should arrive in Odesa in the morning to assist in operations in the blockages.

Details of fire at the College of Economics in Odesa
04 December 2019, 17:09

Details of fire at the College of Economics in Odesa.

Certificate of fire that occurred in the Primorsky district of Odesa on the street

Troitskaya, 25.

The children of Kiliya received a modern and comfortable sports complex
04 December 2019, 14:20

The children of Kiliya received a modern and comfortable sports complex. The playground is completed and built of quality cover.

An inclusive resource center for children has been opened in Kiliya
04 December 2019, 10:47

An inclusive resource center for children has been opened in Kiliya. The institution is aimed at providing qualified, professional and effective assistance to specialists.

First Deputy Head of Odesa Regional State Administration Viacheslav Ovechkin visited a Saratov human rights activist and visited an orphanage
04 December 2019, 10:16

Viacheslav Ovechkin, the first deputy head of the Odesa Regional State Administration, visited a Saratov human rights activist who was injured by the attack on her and also visited a small group home for orphans.

The meeting was attended by a humanitarian advisor, Inna Belous, at the meeting.

На Одещині нагородили активістів сфери соціального захисту
02 December 2019, 18:23

Зустріч була присвячена активістам сфери соціального захисту осіб з інвалідністю та учасників антитерористичної операції.

Odesa regional state administration supported the project of alternative energy "Artsizskaya VES"
02 December 2019, 14:50

Odesa Regional State Administration supported the investment project of alternative energy "Artsyzskaya VES". The deputy head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Denys Vanash said this.

Wind farm for 15,000 households with a capacity of 16.5 MW. may appear in the Pavlovka village of Artsyz district. The local territorial community became the customer.

Regional news

Lyman Raion

State holidays were celebrated in the Lyman district

28 Aug 2019 year 05:21
Lyman Raion

New kindergarten opened in New Bilyar

28 Aug 2019 year 10:29
Kodyma Raion

Ethno-ecological festival "Kodima - Fest 2019"

18 Jun 2019 year 03:59
Bilyayivka Raion

The first inclusive-resource center in Bilyaivsky district

07 Jun 2019 year 11:03
Tarutyne Raion

Opening an X-ray diagnostic office

06 Jun 2019 year 06:45
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Ananevskiy Sambists returned with another victory

22 May 2019 year 04:19
Bolhrad Raion

X International handball tournament

15 May 2019 year 03:58
Izmail Raion

Another media center has been opened in Izmail area

13 May 2019 year 03:23
Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Raion

In Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi district one more family-type house was opened

26 Apr 2019 year 09:46
Liubashivka Raion

A new sports object was opened in the Odessa region

29 Mar 2019 year 04:03
Izmail Raion

Izmail opened an electrospinning technology center

26 Mar 2019 year 05:22
Izmail Raion

In the Izmail area, a modern media center was opened

04 Feb 2019 year 11:02
Berezivka Raion

Pupils of Berezivsky shelter received New Year's gifts

30 Dec 2018 year 03:50
Podilsk city

The Regional Development Council first went to Podolsk

22 Dec 2018 year 04:38
Berezivka Raion

In Berezivsky children's shelter completed major repairs

22 Dec 2018 year 03:52
Odessa city

A diplomatic Christmas Fair took place in Odessa

17 Dec 2018 year 11:13
Bolhrad Raion

The fishing day was celebrated in the Bolgrad region

10 Jul 2018 year 10:36
Bilyayivka Raion

The Odesa region will celebrate the Day of the fisherman

04 Jul 2018 year 02:25
Tarutyne Raion

In the Odessa region will develop country green tourism

04 Apr 2018 year 03:29